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Eco-Friendly flood of reasonable plan and ecological mindfulness conveys planners to structure imaginative and as of late super vast flats.


  1. Posted by kef0045, — Reply

    Similar to the rooftop garden, this idea (slightly more architecturally based) is made to utilize space and bring more natural elements into design. The more organic and natural style is not for everyone, but for nature loving clients, this would be really cool to incorporate into people's homes.

  2. Posted by sie0007, — Reply

    This Sustainable Architecture is so amazing! They are making use of the land and not disturbing the slope. Instead of shaping the land to fit the house, the house was shaped to fit the land. Therefore, there was no land sliding and malformations of the area that was being worked on. This is such a creative way to work with the flow of the land to preserve the natural beauty.

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